Turf Management and Full Service Lawn Maintenance

From management to maintenance, your source for lawn and turf care.

Services Include:

  • Georgia Certified Landscape Professional #202
  • Certified Pesticide Contractor Ga #100609
    • Ornamental Turf
    • Forestry
    • Right of Way
  • Landscape Maintenance (Both Residential and Commercial)


Landscape Maintenance, Install and Design

Using our team of environmental managers to reach your goals, from your container pot to your thousand acre forest. One plant to many.

Services Include:

  • Horticulturist
  • Arborist
  • Pesticide Management
  • Landscaping (Both Residential and Commercial)
  • Irrigation Install and Maintenance

Forest Management

Forest management based on multiple use, goal driven to meet the objectives of the land owner.

Services include:

  • Timber Sales
  • Management plans
  • Prescribed burning
  • Reforestation
  • GIS Services
  • Wildlife management, water conservation, and aesthetics

Urban Tree Management

Arborculture is the care and maintenance of urban and individual trees.

Services include:

  • Arborist
  • Management plans
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Planting, Pruning, Fertilization
  • Removal
  • Community Urban Forest Assessment

Performance Horses

Equine professionals assisting clients and friends in reaching their equestrian goals.

Equine Services Include:

  • Lessons
  • Training
  • Certified Equine Massage
  • Judging
  • Sales (Registered Quarter Horses)



Show Teams

Show teams emphasizing horsemanship, teamwork, confidence, and friendships. Life lessons are learned here.

Services Include:

  • Riding Lessons emphasizing horsemanship and reining – beginners up
  • Horse lease for show or drill
  • Show Assistance
    • Ranch
    • Quarter Horse
    • Reining
  • Competitive Drill Team
  • IEA

Turf Management and Full Service Lawn Maintenance

Environmental stewardship is a driving force in our recommendations.  All environmental factors can be improved and any can be emphasized according to the landowner’s goals and desires.  All advice starts with knowing what you have and where you want to go.  A management plan or landscape plan is just that a plan, and can be adjusted according to goals and conditions.

Performance Horses

We have been giving (no charge) riding lessons and coaching competitive drill for many years.  Over the past years we have had so many requests for riding lessons that Dennis decided to give up his non pro status and offer riding lessons for the public ($35 per lesson).  This year Dennis was asked to assist in coaching an IEA team and he agreed to help III R Stars Equestrian team.  We have had several of the riders qualify for Zone finals in their first year.  One winning National championship honors.  Additionally this year Amanda has entered the NRHA apprentice trainer program and is currently riding with John Weber in Council Bluff, Iowa.  Dennis has attended judge’s clinics for NRCHA and ARHA and now holds a judging card for American Ranch Horse Association.

Flamekissed Force competitive drill team has been together for about 20 years.  Dennis has been to Drill master school and was a USEDT approved judge.  We won the Ga state championship several times and have continued to work to improve.  Drill is one of our training methods that gives a rider a good seat without boring them into complacency.  This builds teamwork and teaches working together to achieve a goal.

Other Farm Operations

WE raise poll Hereford cattle and several other specimen livestock.

The Herefords are what is left of the kids show days.  They had some very nice registered polled Hereford cow that they have shown over the southeast.  These show heifers have built our current herd, using some quality bulls that came from Mead Livestock in Midville, GA.  We have let the registrations slide on the youngsters, but have sire and dam records on most of the herd.  If anyone wants known quality beef or show calves we usually have some available for sale.  If any client wishes calves can be fed on a known desired program, grass only or grass and no steroid grain, etc.

We also have a small flock of hens that most times provide more eggs than we can eat.  As more clients request eggs Joy would like to increase the flock to have quality home produced eggs for sale.

The specimen livestock we have include a Longhorn Named Moo Tip to tip horns of 77 inches.  A miniature donkey Ellie 34 inch tall and a Kinko cross goat May.

Forest Management

Dennis graduated from Auburn with a degree in forest management in 1984.  He has been practicing forestry since.  His many years working in a variety of specializations has given our team the knowledge, skill and ability to assist any landowner in all aspects of forest management.  Starting out as a technician with a forest consultant, timber marking and tree planting was emphasized and perfected.  12 years with the Georgia Forestry Commission taught forest management, wildlife management to water shed protection, endangered species management and environmental impact reporting.  5 years as procurement manager for the local sawmill gave a new insight on harvesting, economics and product management.  Time with the Federal government gave a new meaning to understanding different sets of objectives; including military training, endangered species and other special uses.  Time as a private forestry consultant has helped pull all these experiences together to provide unique skills that help you the landowner meet your objective no matter what it may be.

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